All About the Eastern PA Shop Hop

As the winter chill sets in and darkness begins to descend earlier and earlier, now is the perfect time for quilters to embrace their craft. What better way to kick off your fabric-filled hibernation than with a stream of new materials, patterns, and a whole lot of fun? That’s what you’ll get when you participate… Read more »

Reasons to Teach Your Child How to Sew

Back in the 1940s, it was common for moms to teach both their boys and girls how to sew. These days? Well, sewing is still popular, though it’s not always taught to the younger generation(s) as a skill they should have. Perhaps it’s because we’ve become an instant gratification “throw away” culture? If a button… Read more »

Common Mistakes Made by New Quilters

118 Fabrics & More, located in Sweet Valley, PA, is a popular store for quilters. If you’re new to quilting, what are some common mistakes you might make? Not Being Picky Enough About Fabrics For starters, some beginners will use whatever fabric pieces they have on-hand to make a quilt. While you “could” do that,… Read more »

The Advantages of Precut Fabric

Precut fabric is cut into a specific size instead of rolled on a bolt. Fabric manufacturers and/or fabric shops can cut and package this type of color coordinated fabric and offer it in groups or collections with sizes like “fat quarters.” The names for precut fabrics can include “Jelly Rolls,” “Bali Pops,” “Charm Packs” and… Read more »

Why You Should Get into Quilting

Looking for a new hobby as an adult can be difficult. It may seem like there are too many choices and many of them are too difficult to learn. If you feel this way, it may be a good idea to get into quilting. There are millions of quilters across the country and all of… Read more »